Thursday, December 20, 2012

Two days out...

As we are two days out from winter break, I know that the kids energy is pretty high.  Mine, however, is higher!  I having taken a personal goal this week to boost it up!  I'm throwing out the positives and just showing the kids that I care.  I know they realized it prior to this week, but why not show more?  It is absolutely amazing to see how the kids react when you show that you care even more!  I absolutely love it.  

In addition, I have been trying to bring some cheer to our building this week/last week too.  That is a harder feat sometimes because everyone is so busy.  Another teacher and I have taken it on to do positive staff incentives and fun!  This week I have been the bearer of delicious candy canes when we play "Guess Who I Am" everyday!  I write a couple of clues about a fellow teacher and the first one with the right answer wins a candy cane.  Did you know that candy canes are a simple joy?  I love to see happy faces on fellow teachers too.  :)  What does your building do for positivity?  These answers would help me too because I would love to be a successful administrator some day too.  

Here is a song that I seem to listen to if my mind isn't in the right mind set.  It always puts me at ease.  

Happy Holidays to everyone.  :)

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